(WLL) 0 - 40000kgs

Camlok's spreader beams are the practical and safe choice for either long material to prevent sagging and shifting, or for loads where the weight has to be carefully distributed or suspended from several points.

The extensive standard programme offers a wide variety of payloads, working widths, adjustable ranges and hooks for common applications.

The heavy duty and cost-effective standard types are complemented by various special designs made to a customer's specifications. These may include spreader beams with hooks for plate material, or with C-hooks, crane forks, or grabs for bulky and long materials. Special designs with laterally fixed hooks are fitted with slings to pick up rolls, pipes and similar objects.

Also available are the so-called 'star' spreader beams picking up cylindrical materials or spreader beams with side hooks and 4-point support which share the easy operation, reliability and safety of all Camlok spreader beams.