The CR rail clamps are designed to lift single rails securely and safely.

The CRT is designed to lift tram rail.

The clamps are designed to fit most types of rail section currently in use. The clamps have a narrow profile to enable attachment to an individual rail when rails are side by side.

The clamps are locked onto the rail-head via a lever operated spring mechanism. It is recommended to use clamps suspended from a lifting beam for long rail lengths.

Clamps can be supplied with a short length of chain and lifting eye as shown in the illustration. This MUST be specified at the time of order.

Typical application shot showing a CR1000 in use with a Yale D85 Pul-lift and an 'Iron man'

Model CR1000 CR2000
A1, mm 144 144
B, mm 152 163
C, mm 350 350
D, mm 90 90
E, mm 46 46
Ø F, mm 20 20
G, mm 25 25

1 Scissor

Model Number of rails WLL
CR1000 1 1000 13
CR2000 1 2000 13
CRT1000* 1 1000 13

**CRT rail lifting clamps are bespoke designed to suit one specific type of tram rail. Please provide details on rail section when ordering.
*Per clamp.