The TJC twin jaw vertical plate clamps have been specifically designed for lifting steel plates. The main difference, however between the TJC and the CZ (which is our standard vertical plate clamp) is that the TJC has a unique twin moving jaw arrangement.

The design of the twin moving jaws means that the TJC can be used in applications that require a larger than usual jaw capacity but with a low minimum weight.

NB: The plate surface of the material must have a hardness level below HRC 30/Brinell 300.

Model WLL
Jaw capacity mm Weight kg**
TJC300 20 - 300 0 - 30 3
TJC300L 20 - 300 30 - 60 3
TJC300XL 20 - 300 60 - 90 4
TJC300XXL 20 - 300 80 - 110 5

PLEASE NOTE: Please contact our sales team for full technical drawings if required. *Per clamp. **Weight per clamp.