Quality & safety

Camlok is a member of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (L.E.E.A)  and all clamps are designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO9001:2008. Camlok is accredited by BSI and all external suppliers of components and materials must also be accredited to a recognised quality standard. All Camlok products are proof load tested prior to despatch and our test and inspection facilities are subject to annual independent calibration.

Safety is our top priority. A Certificate of Conformity, containing test information, is issued with each clamp. Operator instructions showing correct use the product and specifying the correct application of the clamp, are also supplied. Please note that the purchaser has a legal obligation to ensure that the operator has access to the operating instructions prior to the item being put into use.

Product documentation

All Camlok Lifting Clamps are supplied with comprehensive operating instructions.

Also included is an EC Declaration of Conformity which confirms the tested status of the product.

Additional documentation such as spare parts manuals or maintenance and repair instructions, technical drawings etc. are available on request.

Duplicate copies of the operating manuals and spare parts lists are available to download from our website or by contacting the Camlok sales team.