HGC Hand Grip Clamps


Spring loaded hand grip for light and thin materials


  • The HGC hand grip clamps are suited for the individual transportation of light and thin materials. They have a jaw capacity of up to 10mm, and can lift up to 250kgs.

To operate the clamp you simply press down on the hand grip which compresses a spring. This allows the clamp to open and you simply slide the clamp on to the material to be lifted.

Working Load Limits (WLL)

Model Type / option WLL
Jaw capacity
HGC 250 Standard 250 0 - 10 1.4
HGC 250 EX Ext. handle 250 0 - 10 1.5
HGC 250 EB Eye bolt 250 0 - 10 1.4

*Per clamp. * Please contact our sales team for full technical drawings.
EX= Extended handle (300mm). EB=Eye bolt (instead of handle).

Made in Britain